Shoot what you can’t help but shoot.

– Gregory Heisler


2 0 1 6 :  T H E  Y E A R  I N  R E V I E W  

I spent the year looking.

Looking at the light.

Looking at the shadows.

Looking at things I had seen before.

Looking at things I hadn’t seen before.

Looking at everything.

Then I found it.

I found myself.

I found my voice.

I found how to express everything
I’ve learned in the past 40 years
of art school, gallery visits,
a graphic design career,
and endless observations.

To me these are private moments.

Personal experiences.

Things I know are important.

Things I want to share with others.

Things I want people to see.

To understand.

To discover.

.  .  .  To hear me.


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