You do the work and ignore the rest.
Then, after a lot of time, you have your work,
and you’ve ignored the rest. 

– David Carol

L A R R Y  T O R N O  P H O T O :  V O L U M E   T W O  



The long awaited and much anticipated second book of my photos is now published. Larry Torno Photo: Volume Two picks up where Volume One left off and lands on a new level of personal expression. These striking black and white images are helping to define my “visual voice”.

Some comments I’ve received from people who have seen the images and/or purchased the book include . . .

I particularly like the images (on pgs. 5 and 14). Both are magical.   – Bob

Very cool, Larry….Very, very cool.   – Sarah

Fabulous!   – Michele

Gorgeous! Especially the cover shot.   – Janet

This work is superb, strong, magnificent. Art is there.   – Mark

Wow!   – John

Brilliant Larry!   – Shana

You can view Volume TWO and order copies at:


Volume One is still available to preview and you can order a copy for yourself (and maybe a friend, or two, or three) by going to:


THANK YOU and enjoy!

For those of you not familiar with my work, you can view the following selected works from my website. Check out the complete portfolios at  http://larrytornophoto.com



I  ‘  M     L   I   S   T   E   N   I   N   G
I’d love to hear what you have to say.
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N   E   X   T
What’s next? I don’t know.
We’ll have to wait until the new blog comes along.

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